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Alex Scarfone

Alex Scarfone

Mr Alex Scarfone
Certified Financial Planner

Financial Services Guide
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Welcome, Investment @dvice Solutions is the business name of Alex Scarfone. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my businesses approach to Financial Planning.

After being involved in the Banking and Finance industry for the last 19 years I am now better able through FINANCIAL WISDOM to focus on my clients and their needs. After years of seeing advisers move on leaving client relations in tatters, as well as watching advisers who are only focused on the task at hand (closing the sale) rather than looking at the big picture for their clients, I decided that is was time to move on with the intention of focusing on my clients, their families and their ever changing needs.


I have spent the last 17 years advising clients on all sorts of financial matters. Over that period of time I have completed a Diploma of Business, Diploma of Financial Planning and achieved the Internationally recognised Certified Financial Planner Status. The Certified Financial Planner Status is Professionally recognised and is the highest level that a Financial Planner can achieve in this country. I also hold Senior Associate membership with Finsia and was involved in assisting Carlton and United Breweries with their restructure in 2004/2005.

To put it quite simply, you're in good hands.

Additional Information

When it comes to Financial Planning Australia still lags behind the United States. Most families there have their own financial planner and their children are born into that planner.

The days of taking a clients money, investing it and then no longer worrying about the client is no longer acceptable but unfortunately still common place in some banking institutions. Their main concern is bringing in new money, leading to large client bases that can no longer be managed by that one planner while they remain there. The constant pressure to achieve sales and revenue targets eventually leads to that planner leaving and their clients are left in limbo having to build new relations with a new planner who is mainly focused on getting new clients. A bad result for existing clients.

Regular contact with clients, fine-tuning of investments and making adjustments for the clients changing circumstances will be my focus. I intend to run my business for at least 30 years meaning you no longer need to worry about your planner leaving or being stuck with a junior planner who lacks experience and expertise.

I look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals and providing you with peace of mind you deserve.

Financial Services Guide (FSG)

I conduct myself ethically and professionally in every aspect of my work and adhere strictly to the guidelines set out in the Financial Services Guide. This guide provides you with information about the advice that we provide, and the Licensee that we represent: Financial Wisdom Limited. Its purpose is to educate you prior to us providing a financial service. You have the right to ask us about our charges, the type of advice we will give and to whom you can complain if you are unhappy. For further details click on the Financial Services Guide link.

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